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We achieve exceptional smiles by creating a fun and unique atmosphere that fosters lasting relationships with our patients based on mutual trust, customer excellence and the best care possible.


As a Lumineers provider, I can give you the look you've always wanted with Lumineers by Cerinate. The innovative technology behind Cerinate porcelain is what makes a natural-looking smile more possible now than ever before. Lumineers can be made as thin as a contact lens and are translucent so they look like your real teeth. In other words, getting a new smile now is ... well, something to smile about.

Contact lens-thin, No pain, No needles or shots, No drilling, No grinding down of the tooth structure, Reversible, Last over 20 years, Available in 2 short visits, and Flexible payment plans.

Visit www.lumineers.com for more information.

Example - Before

Example - After